First Step - Learn As Much As You Can About Exits

When you start to think about selling your company, the first step is to learn as much as you can about M&A transactions.

It's a terrifying reality that only about 25% of companies that could be sold actually end up completing successful exits. The single biggest reason is simply lack of knowledge.

The M&A Market is Different

Selling your business is surprisingly different than selling your company's product or selling a house. Some of the differences are related to market fundamentals. Others are due to the myths, misperceptions and outright lies that are common in the M&A advisory (investment banking) industry. People selling their company often make bad decisions because their natural assumption is that the M&A market works similarly to other markets their familiar with.

Part of Our Mission is to Educate

Part of our mission is to educate business owners about exits. To propagate knowledge and best practices about what actually works in the M&A market today. Our hope is that through this sharing of knowledge we'll be able to help business owners execute better M&A transactions for their companies. And that more owners will end up with a fair price and terms - more owners will have successful exits.

Resources on Exits

Many business owners, entrepreneurs and investors have received a "crash course" on exits by attending either the Exit Strategies or the Exit Execution workshop. This link has the dates for future workshops.

If you need information sooner, videos of entire workshops are available online.

Our blog is also one of the largest sources of quality information on M&A available.

If you're wondering where to start, here's a list of the first steps in selling a company.

Curious about valuation? This is a link to references on how to determine a realistic valuation.

Want to know how to select the best M&A advisor (investment banker) to sell your business?

Wondering what it will cost to sell your company and how to align the interests of your exit team?

Or do you want to know how long it will take? Start with Part 4 here.

Or how to determine the ideal time to start your exit process?

We're Here to Help

If you have any questions on selling your company, we're always pleased to answer questions by email or to schedule a call with one of our M&A experts. Please contact us here.