Early Exits Workshop – Silicon Valley – Part 1-3

Sponsored by the Angel Capital Education Foundation and the Angel Capital Association
…presented at the Angel Capital Association National Summit, Silicon Valley May 5, 2010

Highlights of Angel Investing in the 21st Century – Part 1-3

  • Most M&A exits are under $20 million – because that’s what works for the acquirers in today’s economy
  • The media does us a disservice by writing stories about the really big exits – which aren’t happening as often anymore
  • Examples of these exits and why they are happening now – under $20 million is easy
  • Big companies have lots of cash and are starting to consider traditional VC funds as their competitors
  • Google wants even earlier exits – their sweet spot is under $20 million and they prefer pre-revenue companies
  • There are many other types of buyers today including medium-sized companies and even boomer entrepreneurs

Part 2 of the Early Exits Workshop is online here.

The Exits Workshop Videos are also available on YouTube.

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