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Angel Investing

Pacinian – Pre-Revenue $30 Million Exit

by Basil Peters | August 13, 2013 | 2 Comments

In earlier days, entrepreneurs dreamed of founding an innovative start-up and building it into a big company. After many years of solid sales and profits, the company might be acquired, with founders and investors earning a capital gain. But in today's fast-evolving technology marketplace, growing a small start-up into a big company may not be the best strategy. An increasing number of promising start-ups are exiting early at very attractive valuat...

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Angel Investing

Pacinian – The Interview Videos

by Basil Peters | | 5 Comments

It's rare to be able to post a detailed case study on an early exit. The most interesting information is usually restricted by a non-disclosure agreement. This is a very valuable opportunity to hear directly from the Chairman and a lead investor about what went on behind the scenes in this $30 million pre-revenue exit. These videos complement the complete written Read More

Case Studies

Case Studies on How to Sell a Business

by Basil Peters | May 1, 2009 | one response

The most interesting way to learn about any business process is to study real world examples of what other companies have done. When you want to learn about how to sell a business, the really interesting information - for example the purchase price - is not usually disclosed. Fortunately, in situations where either the buyer or seller are public companies, all of the high level data is in the public domain. The case studies in this section descr...

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Case Studies

Case Study – Parasun Technologies

by Basil Peters | March 1, 2009 | 3 Comments

Multiple bidders increase the selling price 50%

The Founders

The ‘original’ founder of Parasun was Barry Carlson. Barry is one of the pillars of our local tech community. He founded and ran a number of local tech companies.  Barry is credited with founding the BC Technology Industries Association, by far BC’s largest tech trade association. He launched Parasun in 1996 as a dial-up ISP. I believe Steven MacDonald ...

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Case Studies

Case Study – the Sunaptic Sale

by Basil Peters | January 1, 2009 | no responses

The acquisition of Sunaptic by Visiphor is another good example of how multiple bidders can increase the final price by 50% or more. Sunaptic  was run by two equal partners, Mike Hilton and Jame Healy.  They’d worked in an earlier company I’d invested in and I had a high regard for both of them. They offered to buy me lunch in return for some advice on an unsolicited offer they had received to buy their company. Mike and Jame grew Sunaptic...

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Case Studies

Case Study – the Brightside Exit

by Basil Peters | December 1, 2008 | 8 Comments

Helge is the most recent university student I have helped become a millionaire. I invested three times in Helge's company. My BC Tech Fund was the first fund to invest. When I invested the first time there was only Helge and one other person on the company payroll. This is a summary of Helge's story.

Helge's story

Helge came to Canada in 1998 when he was 19 years old. He completed high school, and an obligatory year in the military, in...

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Case Studies

Case Study – the PCS Wireless Exit Transaction

by Basil Peters | November 1, 2008 | no responses

Strategic value can make all the difference between success and failure

Occasionally an exit goes much better than anyone dared to hope.  This is the story of how the PCS Wireless exit worked out exceptionally well for some of the participants even after the company looked like it wasn’t going to be a success.

The Call That Started It All

After five or six years of consistent success, the board of Read More

Case Studies

Selling My First Company – Nexus Engineering

by Basil Peters | June 1, 2008 | one response

I started my first company, Nexus Engineering, when I was  still a grad student. A little over ten years later,  the board decided it was time to sell. The company was the second largest  manufacturer of cable TV headends in the world. The number one and number three  in our vertical were Fortune 500 companies.

Our Exit Strategy

Our exit strategy was to sell our company to a Fortune  500 company in the defense business. At that time th...

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