The Exit Strategies Workshop 2011 Part 1
The Economy Has Changed

The first presentation at The Exit Strategies Workshop 2011 describes why this is a “Golden Era for Entrepreneurs.”

Highlights of Part 1 – The Economy Has Changed:

  • The whole world has changed.
  • The big tech companies aren’t creating wealth anymore – for their investors or employees.
  • Startups create ALL of the new jobs.
  • What does this mean for the startup economy? How can we make money?
  • Four changes that make entrepreneurs money:
  • 1. Innovation happens in startups
  • 2. Internet acceleration
  • 3. Capital efficiency
  • 4. Early exits
  • The biggest opportunity for entreprenuers is “innovation.”
  • Why innovation happens in startups not big companies.
  • Our 21st Century economy – “A Golden Era for Entrepreneurs.”

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