It’s the Angels’ Time Part 1

It’s The Angels’ Time – Part 1

Highlights of It’s The Angels’ Time – Part 1:

  • The economy has changed a lot. Venture Capital is in trouble. Lot’s doesn’t work anymore.
  • But there is good news: the lower cost of growing startups and
  • Big companies have huge cash reserves and are spending more on acquisitions than R&D
  • There are many buyers for companies in the $10 to 30 million range
  • Companies are often being sold just two or three years from startup – its often the best time to sell
  • This is a golden era for entrepreneurs
  • Successful investing requires two things: investing right and exiting well

Part 2 of this video is online here.

Part 2 of this video is online here.

(You can also view Part 1 on YouTube here)

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