Exit Strategies Workshop Part 6
Financing Strategy for Maximum Exit Value

Highlights of Part 6 – Financing Strategy for Maximum Exit Value:

  • Axel Christiansen introduction. And why is he so funny?
  • What is Sub Debt and who is it useful to? In what types of exit transactions?
  • Company value as a multiple of EBITDA. The “New Normal”.
  • Seven reasons to create a financing package.
  • Vendor notes and other financing tools.
  • Case Study: Buy Me Inc.
  • Subordinated or mezzanine debt. Cash flow based financing – no asset coverage required.
  • The ‘glue’ in buy-out transactions.
  • Vendor objectives, purchaser objectives, BDC objectives. The Perfect Deal.
  • BDC Subordinate Finance – the largest national subordinate finance group in Canada.
  • BDC for Management buy-outs (MBO), leveraged buy-outs (LBO), strategic acquisitions (roll-ups).

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