Selling a Business Guide Part 3

Selling a Business – A Guide for Angel Investors and Entrepreneurs – Part 3

Selling a Business is the Best Part of Being an Investor or Entrepreneur

Keynote speech at the National Angel Capital Organization Summit on October 15, 2009.

Highlights of Part 3 – The M&A Advisor and Getting Ready to Sell the Business

  • The most important criteria for selecting the M&A Advisor and the M&A Advisors functions
  • M&A Advisor fees and why the M&A Advisor should be local
  • The benefits of doing a secondary sale before the exit and the exit timeline
  • Things to do before contacting the first prospective buyer – clean up the structure, employment agreements
  • Financial statements – review or audit, the financial model, tax considerations, the sales collateral

Part 4 of Selling a Business Guide is online here.

Many of the lessons I’ve learned are described in my new book on exit strategies for entrepreneurs and angel investors –

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