The Exit Strategies Workshop 2011 Part 4
Types of Buyers

There are several new types of buyers actively acquiring private companies in the $10 to 50 million range. Most CEOs and boards think strategic buyers are the most likely to acquire. This video describes why other types of buyers are often the successful acquirers.

Highlights of Part 4 – Types of Buyers:

  • For many companies, the number of buyers is ‘almost unlimited’
  • Most buyers can be categorized as:
  • Big companies
  • Medium and small companies
  • Private equity and similar funds
  • Entrepreneurs – usually boomers
  • For many companies, the number of buyers is ‘almost unlimited’
  • It’s not unusual to have all four types of buyers simultaneously trying to buy the company
  • Each type of buyer thinks and acts differently
  • One thing they have in common – too much cash
  • Making the current M&A market a fast moving “sellers market”

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