What We Do

When my kids ask me what to tell their friends, I say: "Your Dad sells companies."

But what I say to my team is: "We change people's lives."

A good exit transaction almost always changes the lives of the major shareholders and executives. It often changes the lives of everyone in the company. We feel good about the successes we've helped to create and the lives we've changed for the better. That's why we do this work.

Selling Your Business is a Big Decision

Selling is often the biggest decision in your career. Very few CEOs have been through more than a couple of exits. This lack of experience results in a large percentage of failed transactions or companies selling for much less than they should have.

Ensure It's Fair

The people who buy business are almost all very nice people. And they're all very smart. Many have bought dozens of companies - they're usually extremely good at it.

And even though they're nice people, their job is to buy your business for the smallest amount possible, and on the best terms for their company. That's just business.

You need an exit team that is at least as good as the team on the other side of the table.

We Only Do One Thing - Sell Businesses

Other investment banking firms are generalists. They engage in a range of transactions including financings and restructurings. They might work for buyers or sellers. They might list a half dozen different services on their website.

We want to be the best in the world at what we do. Our team is highly specialized. We only do one thing - work with shareholders to get the best price and terms when they sell their business.

We pride ourselves on:

  • maximizing the probability that your business actually gets sold
  • getting you the optimum price and deal structure
  • negotiating the fairest terms and limiting your future liabilities

To get the best result when you sell your business - you need the best exit team.

Questions on Your Exit?

Do you have a question about exit strategy, your valuation or the current M&A market?

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