Accidental Exits – Lessons from Recent Exits

BY Basil Peters

This keynote from an Angel Capital Association regional meeting describes three successful exits that were also what I call “Accidental Exits.” By that I mean exits that were the result of an unplanned approach from a buyer. In this very active M&A market, sellers are often being surprised by buyers changing the conversation and offering to buy the company.

Highlights from Accidental Exits:

  • We don’t have hard data to help us make exit strategy decisions
  • And even if we had data, the world is changing so quickly it might not be helpful
  • So we have to rely on anecdotal observation
  • Three examples of BC technology company exits
  • The common element is that these were all happy exits – but also unplanned exits
  • From my own observations, I think about half of exits are “accidental”
  • Which makes me wonder how many exit opportunities we miss
  • We’d have more happy exits if more companies had exit strategies and plans

The PowerPoint from this talk is online here.