Angel Term Sheet Evolution Part 4

BY Basil Peters

Angel Term Sheet Evolution – Part 4 – Questions and Answers from the Bellingham Angel Members

Bellingham Angel Group Education Breakfast November 17, 2009 – Basil Peters and Dan Rosen

Highlights of Angel Term Sheet Evolution- Part 4:

  • Why entrepreneurs should continue to communicate with us
  • Negotiating the valuation and term sheet first
  • Entrepreneurs who want to retain a majority
  • How angels help entrepreneurs negotiate subsequent rounds
  • How lead angels help entrepreneurs with VCs
  • Capital efficiency and help entrepreneurs appreciate it
  • Why lawyers like the Rosen Light Pref term sheet
  • Seattle angels are friendly to VCs – less so in the Valley
  • Optimum financing strategies
  • Best ways to work with lawyers
  • What angels and VCs think of each other
  • Is valuation a science or a black art?

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