Don’t Ride It Over the Top – Amsterdam

BY Basil Peters

This was a presentation to a hundred Dutch investors and CEO’s at the Nyenrode Business Universiteit just outside of Amsterdam. In this video I describe the critical importance of exit timing and the dramatic effect it can have on investor returns and the lives of entrepreneurs.

This talk included:

  • How the internet has accelerated everything and shortened company lifecycles
  • Entrepreneurs now have “Weekenders” where they build entire companies in a weekend
  • Ideally, a company would start the exit process 12 months before the peak in value
  • There are logical reasons why, if a company misses the ideal time to exit,
  • There’s a significant probability it won’t just exit for less, but will never exit at all
  • Some of the reasons this happens much more often than people realize include:
  • Over-investment by VCs, Competition, Negative momentum and Waves of Consolidation
  • Like many parts of life, and business, “timing is everything” with exits
  • Timing our exits better can significantly improve angel investor portfolio returns
  • And for entrepreneurs can literally change their lives