Early Exits Overview – Boston – Part 1

BY Basil Peters

Early Exits Overview – Part 1

Presented at the ACA New England Angel Education Series – Boston, MA December 6, 2010.

The PowerPoint for this talk is available here.

To host an Early Exits Workshop for your group, please contact Chris Major at the Angel Capital Education Foundation.

Highlights of Early Exits Overview – Part 1:

  • This is an overview of the Early Exits Workshop.
  • Much of what you hear about exits is wrong – dangerously wrong. There are so many myths and misperceptions.
  • And quite a few dirty secrets. This workshop is about what works today when you want to sell a business.
  • Angel investing is still quite new – about where traditional Venture Capital was in the early 1980s.
  • The economy has changed – a lot. That is part of the reason that traditional Venture Capital doesn’t work anymore.
  • Exits with, and without, VCs – what really happens to an angel backed company when traditional VCs invest.
  • When does it actually make sense for a company to take an investment from a traditional venture capital fund?
  • Why most exits today are under $20 million and why Google wants even earlier exits.
  • Big companies aren’t the only buyers – there are several different types of buyers active in the market today.


Part 2 is online here.

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Part 1 of the Early Exits Overview video series is online available on Youtube.