Early Exits Overview – Boston – Part 2

BY Basil Peters

Early Exits Overview – Part 2

Presented at the ACA New England Angel Education Series – Boston, MA December 6, 2010.

The PowerPoint for this talk is available here.

To host an Early Exits Workshop for your group, please contact Chris Major at the Angel Capital Education Foundation.

Highlights of Early Exits Overview – Part 2:

  • Startup economics have changed. It’s now possible to build valuable companies for only $100,000s, or even $10,000s.
  • The internet has accelerated everything – many big exits have occurred just two or three years from startup. Here’s a list.
  • How early can you sell a business? Selling in 2 or 3 years is often the optimum time to sell a company.
  • The exit is just another business process – just like a product development or financing.
  • Every company needs a clear, written, signed exit strategy. It doesn’t have to be complicated.
  • Often the biggest question is not “How much can sell for?” it’s “How long will it take to sell?”
  • Companies should be ‘sold’ not ‘bought.’

The summary page for the Early Exits Overview videos is online here.

Part 2 of the Early Exits Overview video series is available on Youtube.