Early Exits Workshop – Silicon Valley

BY Basil Peters

This Early Exits workshop was sponsored by the Angel Capital Education Foundation and presented at the Angel Capital Association National Summit in Silicon Valley May 5, 2010.

Angel Investing in the 21st Century – Part 1

  • Successful investing requires two things – investing right and exiting well
  • Angel investing is still new – about where Venture Capital was in the 1980s
  • Why most tech company M&A exits today are under $20 million
  • Companies are often sold just 2 or 3 years from startup
  • When traditional Venture Capital funds invest, it adds about a decade to the exit
  • Why the optimum strategy is to have angel investors or VC funds but not both

Exit Strategy – Part 2:

  • Focusing on exits is healthy and why companies should be sold not bought
  • Planning for successful exits and why every company needs an exit strategy
  • Angels finance 27 times more startups than traditional Venture Capital funds
  • The exit is just another business process (the most important one)
  • How to plan for an exit, the first step is to determine what type of company you have
  • Seven steps to plan for a successful exit

Exit Execution – Part 3:

  • Steps to completing a successful exit
  • The ideal exit team and why the CEO should not lead the transaction
  • The roles of the professionals, the M&A advisor, the exit coach, the lawyers, etc.
  • Why most companies don’t do the best job of selecting their M&A advisor and why they should be local
  • M&A advisory fees and why failure is such a common result

Exit Valuation – Part 4:

  • Exercise to estimate the valuation of three early exits from the BC Tech Fund
  • Two M&A exits and one IPO
  • Parasun, Brightside and MetroBridge

Many of these lessons are described in my new book on exit strategies for entrepreneurs and angel investors – www.Early-Exits.com.

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PowerPoints from the Workshop: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Angel Investing in the 21st Century – Part 1: