Exit Strategies for Angel Investors Part 5 Q and A

BY Basil Peters

Exit Strategies for Angel Investors – Part 5 – Q&A

Highlights of Exit Strategies for Angel Investors – Part 5 – Q&A:

  • Q: Venture Capital investors are always saying they add more value – is that true?
    A: The data from Brobeck shows that in fact, Venture Capital investors do not add more value than Angels. It makes sense when you think about where Angel Investors came from.
  • Q: When the IPO market returns will there be pressure to go back to the ‘old’ model?
    A: Today, with Sarbanes Oxley, companies need to be $1 billion in market cap to be a successful public company on NASDAQ. This will extend the timeline even further. It’s too early to know about the next generation of IPOs.
  • Q: How is investing in tech different from investing in cleantech or life sciences?
    A: There are certainly differences in the amounts of capital and exit timelines. We need more data, especially on cleantech.
  • Q: How are Canadian entrepreneurs and companies different from American ones?
    A: I’ve worked as a CEO in Silicon Valley and in Vancouver. I do enjoy how fast things happen in America, but I think the actual differences are pretty small.

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