New M&A Buyers and Our Sellers Market – Part 2

BY Basil Peters

How Exits Have Changed in 2012 –
Presented at the National Angel Capital Association Summit –
March 8, 2012 in Austin, Texas –

Highlights of Part 2:

  • Boomer buyers – a new category of buyers for companies in the $20 million range
  • Family offices – not a term we heard much in North America until recently
  • A surprising new type of buyer – Venture Capital funds operating like P-E funds
  • International buyers – still small but increasing
  • There has never been this much cash looking for acquisitions – well over $10 trillion
  • How many acquisitions is $1 trillion?
  • The number of buyers for most companies is practically unlimited
  • These trends are all combining to create a fast moving, diverse, sellers market
  • Prices are up about 20% over the past year

This is the Powerpoint for “How Exits Have Changed in 2012“.

The video for part 3 of How Exits Have Changed is here.