Exit Timing – Exits are Happening Earlier – Part 3

BY Basil Peters

How Exits Have Changed in 2012 –
Presented at the National Angel Capital Association Summit –
March 8, 2012 in Austin, Texas –

Highlights of Part 3:

  • Story of a Vancouver company that was acquired before it’s first year end
  • A possible new record – the company acquired by AOL just four days after its product launched
  • Ideal exit timing for your company and why most entrepreneurs “Ride it over the top”
  • The financial loss is not the worst – it’s the part of your life you can never get back
  • Why companies that miss the optimum time often end up never exiting
  • Exit threats from competition, over-investment by VCs and negative momentum

This is the Powerpoint for “How Exits Have Changed in 2012“.

The video for part 4 of How Exits Have Changed is here.