Waves of Consolidation – The CEO’s Most Important Job – Part 4

BY Basil Peters

This video explains why I believe that not missing the “Wave of Consolidation” may the successful CEO’s most important job.

How Exits Have Changed in 2012 –
Presented at the National Angel Capital Association Summit –
March 8, 2012 in Austin, Texas –

Highlights of Part 4:

  • The most devastating reason that companies fail to exit
  • A relatively new phenomena driven by the amount of cash available, number of buyers and the internet
  • The buyers are smart too and how they start the beginnings of the wave
  • When you can see the wave, it’s almost always too late
  • What happens after the wave – killing the small companies
  • My saddest job – explaining why an unsolicited offer is almost never good news
  • How we can all be better angel investors – support the ACA and ARI

This is the Powerpoint for “How Exits Have Changed in 2012“.

The video for part 1 of How Exits Have Changed is here.