How to Select the Best M&A Advisor to Sell Your Company

BY Basil Peters

From “How to Finish Big – Tactics to Maximize Your Selling Price.”

This was a short workshop at the Business Transitions Forum in Vancouver, BC November 26, 2015.

Key points:

  • There is almost nothing written about selecting M&A advisors
  • How much work is required to sell a company well?
  • For a fully marketed, competitive transaction it’s about 1 to 2 man-years
  • If a very smart CEO and CFO wanted to learn enough to do it themselves,
  • I’d triple the time estimate – at least
  • 5 reasons why the CEO should not lead the exit
  • The most important M&A advisor selection criteria are:
  • 1. Transaction completion rate
  • 2. Track record of maximizing price
  • 3. Proximity, knowledge and compatibility
  • Every transaction needs a very good bad guy – never the CEO
  • M&A advisor fees
  • How M&A advisor quality will affect the sale of your company

The PowerPoint for this talk is online here.

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