It’s the Angels’ Time

BY Basil Peters

It’s The Angels’ Time – Opening Keynote Angel Capital Association

San Francisco, May 6, 2010

This speech sparked some fascinating debates and received the highest audience evaluation at the conference.

The PowerPoint for this talk is available here.

It’s The Angels Time – Part 1:

Its The Angels Time - Part 1

  • The economy has changed – lots doesn’t work anymore.
  • But there is good news: the lower cost of growing startups, big companies have huge cash reserves and are spending more on acquisitions than R&D
  • There are many buyers for companies in the $10 to 30 million range
  • Companies are often being sold just two or three years from startup – its often the best time to sell
  • This is a golden era for entrepreneurs
  • Successful investing requires two things: investing right and exiting well

It’s The Angels Time – Part 2

Its The Angels Time - Part 2

  • What happened to big M&A exits? The dirty secret is they often didn’t work out for the buyers.
  • Selling for under $20 million is easy – here’s why
  • Why this is happening now – the view from the Fortune 500 and Google as an example
  • Big companies have quietly become the VCs worst competitors

It’s The Angels Time – Part 3

Its The Angels Time - Part 3

  • Angel syndication – a fascinating, and important, new trend
  • Angels finance 27 times more startups than traditional Venture Capital funds
  • Startups have created all of the new jobs in our economy for the last thirty years
  • Our 21st century economy – what’s actually working
  • The new angel model and why angels are much smarter today. The professional angel investor
  • What we are doing here is important and what you can do to help

You can also watch this video series on YouTube, starting with Part 1 here.

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