Maximizing Exit Value Workshop – Atlanta

BY Basil Peters

From the Angel Capital Association Annual Summit, Atlanta, April 15, 2009

Angel Capital Association Annual Summits are usually over 500 attendees – mostly angel investors and angel group organizers along with a good number of entrepreneurs.

Highlights of this workshop:

  • When can you sell? It may be much earlier than you think.
  • Developing an Exit Strategy. Every company needs an exit strategy – ideally before the first investor.
  • Maximizing Value – things you should be doing now to maximize the value you ultimately get for your company.
  • It’s often possible to sell a company for 50% more.
  • The role of the M&A Advisor and other professionals. How much they will cost and why it’s a good investment.
  • Secondary sales – why it’s often a good idea to find a buyer for some founders’ stock before the exit.
  • Planning for a Successful Exit – the list of things that should be done long before you start the exit.
  • Why you should be afraid of the ‘reps and warranties’.
  • The Exit Timeline – how long does it take to design and execute an optimum exit?

PowerPoint PDF here.

Part 2 of this video series is available here.