Start at the End Your Exit Strategy Part 2

BY Basil Peters

Start at the End – Your Exit Strategy – Part 2

Highlights of Start at the End – Your Exit Strategy – Part 2:

  • Do you even need investors to make it big today?
  • Why this is a golden era for entrepreneurs.
  • The Club Penguin example – it’s never been easier for entrepreneurs to make a lot of money – quickly.
  • Back in the 1980s almost every company cost $tens of millions to build.
  • That need gave rise to the enormous, traditional Venture Capital fund industry.
  • Why “mashups” and open source are the epitome of what’s changed in the 2000s.
  • The whole game for entrepreneurs has changed – very valuable companies are being built for $tens of thousands.
  • Why your first choice should be to bootstrap if you possibly can.
  • If you really do need capital, what are your options? A Venture Capital fund? Angel investors?
  • Definitions of traditional Venture Capital. Why the term doesn’t really make sense anymore.
  • The classic view of the venture capital industry and what it looks like today – things have changed a lot.
  • The new phenomena of angel funds. Mike Volker’s WUTIF fund for example. Seed and startup funds.
  • Angel group syndication – angel groups are now investing as much as $5 to 10 million in some companies.
  • The unique BC VCC funds: Discovery Capital, BC Advantage Funds and Pender Funds.
  • Angels finance 27 times more startups than traditional Venture Capital funds.
  • Surprising new data on how the financial ecosystem supports entrepreneurs.
  • Angel investors invest about the same amount as traditional Venture Capital funds – about $20 billion in the US.
  • Friends and Family investors invest much more than angels or VC funds.
  • There is no shortage of capital today – despite what you might have heard.

Part 3 of this video is online here.

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Part 3 of this video is online here.