Tectoria: Virtual Companies Sell for More

BY David Rowat

Virtual Company Exits Sell for More 

Presentation to Discover Tectoria, a Showcase of Greater Victoria’s #1 Sector

February 27, 2020.

Virtual companies sell for more money in an exit transaction than conventional bricks and mortar companies.  They are more agile so respond quickly and effectively to new opportunities. Virtual companies work solely online so they can hire the best talent worldwide.  Workers are delighted to ditch the daily commute and reinvest those hours with family and other interests.  With dedicated world-class workers, and leaner operations, virtual companies grow faster and are more profitable.

All of which makes them more valuable to an acquirer.


Virtual companies:

  • Are easily established, efficiently financed, and quickly scaled
  • Attract the best talent worldwide
  • Provide a better work-life balance, especially for women, and are better for the environment
  • Are more profitable
  • Minimize taxes of all kinds

All of which allows them to sell for more.

We demonstrate why technology exits with virtual companies sell for approximately double the price.

We review the exit of a virtual company which recently sold for over $100 million in under 60 days.