Why Exits are So Hard to Learn – Part 1

BY Basil Peters

How Exits Have Changed in 2012 –
Presented at the National Angel Capital Association Summit –
March 8, 2012 in Austin, Texas –

Highlights of Part 1:

  • Investing is easy – getting our money back is much more challenging
  • Three reasons why it’s more challenging to learn about exits than investing
  • Exits just don’t happen very often – learning requires decades of experience
  • Why the real estate market misleads us when we think about exits – how the markets differ
  • The financial markets have changed – what’s motivating M&A buyers today
  • The types of M&A buyers active in the market today and what each type is thinking
  • Big company buyers, medium sized companies and private equity fund buyers

This is the Powerpoint for “How Exits Have Changed in 2012“.

The video for part 2 of How Exits Have Changed is here.